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Why Doctors Prefer Us

Superior Ergonomic design

The products are designed to be user friendly and easy to wear.

They are designed to bring in size universality, one size fits a large population so that burden of big inventory is not there on the supply chain. Light in weight, well ventilated and use of hypoallergenic materials improve patient comfort and compliance. Pleasing colors and aesthetics make Tynor products a pleasure to use.

Affordably Priced products

Affordability is an integral part of Tynor’s philosophy. Our products

are deemed to be of higher value for money in the trade. Economy of scales, lean management systems, highly motivated and extremely skilled work force make it possible to produce these high quality appliances at a much lower cost. Affordability ensures that Tynor products can be used bymasses.

Effective products with high functionality

R and D team and quality team work hand in hand to create a product

which is significantly more effective than most available in the market. Jigs, fixtures , machines and tests are developed simultaneously during product development to measure effectiveness objectively. The product is remodeled till it is the most effective. Tynor R & D thus guarantees earlier recovery of the patient. We silently team up with the doctor to give patient the satisfaction of his treatment.

Superior material

Each material used, is carefully selected to create one of the finest

Orthopedic appliance. A raw material is subjected to various tests and procedures before it is passed to be used for production. A well-developed quality assurance system starts its inputs right at the product conception stage and hand holds till a very high quality product is delivered to the patient. The final product is durable, comfortable and pleasing in aesthetics.